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Dawn of Abstraction is an African software solution and research company that provides software solutions to businesses, individuals and organizations. Our services range from the design, development and maintenance of websites, enterprise software solutions and data driven applications to video games. We are available 24/7 to help you grow your business in this digital age, make your work and personal life easier and bring those wild dreams of yours into reality. Contact us to learn more.

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We offer website designing, hosting and development, affordable cloud services, system program development, desktop and mobile application development, API development, Game development, Enterprise software solutions, Technical Support, maintenance, upgrade and many more. Our products and services comes with exciting free offers and premium packages. Contact us now!

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You are starting a business that needs a digital front to widen your customer base and grow but you don't know how to get there. Or, your business lacks the technological advantage it passionately needs to give you that competitive edge on market. Are you an individual or an organization with a firm innovative concept or solution but needs the professional development team to spur that idea into reality? Or better still, you want to know how technology can help you grow your business and touch more lives. Our top-notch engineers and consultants are always ready to help you and your business adapt to the digital revolution.

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At Dawn of Abstraction, we have this undying belief that Africa will be great someday.

For decades, Africa has been left isolated in the period of technological and scientific advancements. With the rise of dedicated African software companies and trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the future of Africa has been brightened with hopes heightened like never before. We, at Dawn of Abstraction, work around the clock to ensure that future of African technological advancement comes to pass.


Our customers, colleagues and industry experts believe in the future of Africa like we do that is why they never exclude themselves from our community and the information and benefits we provide to members of our community. Join our community now to get up to date information on industry trends, products offers and updates, the steps we at Dawn of Abstraction are taking to ensure that Africa is recognized as a technology superpower and many more.

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